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Welcome to the New England chapter of SMART Recovery®.

Perhaps the most helpful part of our program is the free meetings and open to everyone. Each meeting is led by a trained facilitator. There is no need to sign up first, just come on in!

On Hiatus & Online Meetings. During the Covid-19 distancing period, most of our face-to-face meetings will be "On Hiatus." If a meeting is not so marked, please check with the Facilitator to be sure a meeting is being held before going. Many of our meetings have transitioned to online for this period. They are so marked on the Meeting listing page. SMART Recovery participants should feel free to attend any of our local (or national) online meetings. The "regulars" look forward to welcoming some new faces and/or voices.

SMART Recovery® (SR) is an abstinence-oriented program designed to help you find solutions to any addictive behavior. SR is science-based, so you will learn some of what scientists know about your problem(s), as well as effective and practical ways to deal with those problems.